Friday, May 5, 2017

Assistant Principal Yells, Swears At Pro-Life Kids

                An assistant principal at STEM Academy in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, was caught screaming and swearing at two teenage pro-life activists recently, on video taken by one of the teens.
                Zach Ruff (!), the school’s dean of academics and student life, attempted to prevent the teens from talking to students outside the public high school. Conner Haines, 16, and his 19-year-old sister Lauren, stood on a public sidewalk abutting an academy parking lot, holding pro-life signs as vehicles left the campus at the end of the school day. Conner shot video of the entire confrontation, and it begins with Ruff walking towards Conner and Lauren and threatening to call the police unless they leave. Conner then informs Ruff that it’s a public sidewalk and suggests he call the police if he so desires. At this point, Mr. Ruff stands in front of the siblings in an effort to block students from seeing their signs.
                Conner then says to Ruff, “Sir, these are image bearers of God.” At that, Ruff turned around, faced the camera, pointed to Conner’s sign showing a photo of an aborted ‘fetus’ and said, “You can go to hell, where they are, too.”
                I’m nearly certain the innocent babies aren’t condemned to hell, vice-principal, although I can’t say that about those who ‘aborted’ them.
                When Conner had the temerity to call the fetuses ‘children,’ STEM’s esteemed dean of academics really wigged out, yelling, “They’re not children, they’re cells!...You’re at a science-based school, those are cells!”
                Lauren Haines attempted to refute that claim, but Ruff interrupted her, pointed to his body and said, “Then take it out, and if it can live on its own, it’s friggin’ awesome.” There are still many great teachers out there, but why is it that I so often find myself wondering why so many people involved with modern-day education are so dense? So, an injured soldier needing help getting off the battlefield or anyone in an intensive-care unit is a worthless, non-viable tissue mass, too, Ruff? How about all those with severe physical and mental disabilities? The elderly in assisted-living facilities? Should we be able to just ‘off’ them, too? On second thought, I don’t think I’d want to know his answer.
                At one point, Conner suggested that Mr. Ruff might turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins, causing Ruff to stand inches from Conner’s face while stating: “Listen here son, alright? I’m as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny. I don’t give a fuck what you think Jesus tells me and what I should and should not be doing.”

                That’s quite evident. Except, perhaps, for the ‘sunny’ part.

                Ruff also described the Bible as a “book of fiction,” and added, “you and Trump can go to hell.”
                Ahh, I see. There it is! Knew it had to be in there somewhere. Amazing. For a guy that obviously thinks Trump is mean-spirited and non-inclusive, he sure wishes a lot of folks would go to hell. And is apparently willing to send them there.
                Lauren Haines again attempted to engage Ruff in debate, but he gestured to her and said, “Shut up and leave my children alone.” Leave your children alone, Ruff? She was trying to convince you to stop condoning the mass murder of children, be they ‘yours’ or anyone else’s.
                Eventually, another man confronted Mr. Ruff, supporting the Haines’ right to be there. The two argued for a bit, with Ruff again threatening to call the police. The stranger walked off, remarking, “Another loony, wacko liberal.” Evidently on cue, Ruff began loudly singing “I Love a Parade,” endeavoring to drown out the Haines siblings. He sang intermittently for the duration of the video. He even tried out some dance steps, so desperate was he to distract attention from Conner and Laura’s message.
                When Conner shouted to passing motorists that Christ could set them free from their sins, Ruff wheeled around and yelled, “Public school, we don’t believe in that here!”
                Mr. Ruff holds a Master’s degree from Neumann University, and is in the final stages of his doctoral dissertation at Drexel University in Philadelphia, in its “Educational Leadership and Management program,” according to STEM’s website. Of course.
                According to WCAU-TV, Ruff has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

                We were all ‘cells’ once, Mr. Ruff. Your recent behavior leads me to believe you might be better off residing in a padded one.

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