Friday, May 12, 2017

James Comey: Democratic Phoenix?

Democrats have taken more- and stranger- positions on former FBI Director James Comey than are possible in a frisky game of naked Twister.
Comey was evil incarnate to the left when, just three days before the election, he intimated that there was much more to the Clinton email scandal than was then known. Democrats called him a Republican lackey, and viewed him as an incompetent, partisan clown who should be removed from office immediately, if not summarily executed.
But then, after he apparently started pushing for a more aggressive, in-depth investigation of possible Trump administration ties to the Russians, he became a more sympathetic figure to liberals. Maybe he really was a decent, non-partisan man, struggling to do a difficult job well.
And then Trump fired him.
He instantaneously became the most competent and beloved figure in our nations modern political history, one who was the tragic victim of a madman desperately trying to cover up another one of his budding administration’s numerous scandals.
How did he go from being seen as a vile, sinister, Hillary-hating hack to being thought of as essentially a combination of George Washington and Mahatma Gandhi? And in less time than it takes Nancy Pelosi to recall who the current President is, at that?
It had nothing to do with Jeff Comey, of course. He didn’t change much in the past few months. It was simply that Trump fired him. When Trump hires someone, or is even thinking of doing so, the left instantaneously and blindly assumes that person must at least be related to Lucifer.
 Yet, if Trump somehow had the opportunity to fire Charles Manson, Manson would immediately be seen as a great man, unfairly brutalized by an unbalanced, mean-spirited, homicide-a-phobe.
Poor Anthony Weiner. If only he would have been in the Trump administration. Trump would’ve fired him and, voilĂ , he’d have gone from disgusting scumbag to benign victim.

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