Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Satanic Statue Unveiled In Detroit

                An eight foot tall statue of Satan was unveiled before a crowd of several hundred in Detroit this past Saturday, July 25th, in what was purported to be “the largest public Satanic ceremony in history.” (And I always thought that was the 2012 Democratic National Convention! Silly me!).
                The Satanic Temple, the group responsible for the “event,” said that the statue will “stand as a testament to plurality and the power of collective action.” There you have it, then. The group was going to try to place the statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City until the Oklahoma Supreme Court banned a monument depicting the Ten Commandments- and all other religious symbols- from Capitol grounds.
                The group stated that, in the end, Detroit was selected as the city has a “strong (Satanic) congregation.” Imagine that.
                The Baphomet statue depicts Satan with a goat head, hooves, wings and horns on a human body. Statues of two young kids, a boy and a girl, are staring up at the Satan figure in apparent wonder and adoration.
                What’s the problem, prudes?
                Don’t let this distract you from the fight to get Big Tobacco to drop their “flavored” cigarettes. We don’t want the kiddies to be subjected to such detrimental brainwashing and indoctrination!

                 We are taking statues of George Washington down. Try to erect a monument to a Founding Father now, let alone one with kids staring up at the old, white guy in wonder and adoration. That would be controversial. But want a monument to the Devil? Ahh, Hell, no problem!

                Where we are: 2015 edition.


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