Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Taking Charge Of America On A LARC!

                Several Seattle area high schools have banned Coke (the soft-drink “Coca-Cola”) from their premises , in order to eliminate any chance that a school-kid might make a poor choice that could potentially be detrimental to his or her health.
                Some of those same high schools are, however, implanting intrauterine devices  (IUD’s) into the uteruses of girls as young as 13, at (unwitting) taxpayer expense and without parental notification. These  IUD’s are called LARC’s ( long-acting, reversible contraception) and are provided to the kids by Taking Charge, a  Planned Parenthood program available in the Washington state region.
                According to CNSNews, a representative for the Take Charge program confirmed this in answer to a query by stating, “if the young person is not choosing abstinence, she would be able to select a LARC and have it inserted without parental consent.” How would you feel, if you were a parent of one of those girls? Stunned, ignored and used likely wouldn't begin to describe your feelings. Talk about real child abuse and endangerment!

                “Courtney dear, we can’t let you order a cola, that would be immoral, but we will insert a contraceptive device through your vagina and into your uterus...for free...and it’ll be our little secret!”

                Taxation without representation? Taxation by obfuscation? Child abuse without parental notification? The State is essentially telling kids to go have sex and promising them that it will keep them protected from any of the act's consequences...and from any parental guidance!

                Big Brother, that's more than a little creepy.

                Say, didn’t you used to be…America?


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