Monday, July 13, 2015

Conservative Restraint, Liberal Attack

                 Most of us conservatives are “afraid” to say anything that may possibly seem impolitic around more liberal types. This restraint is almost never accorded to us. Friends and family are no exception. That is why things only go one way in this culture. That is the main reason why radical progressives have been able to change society so quickly, literally in a historical heartbeat. We, the ones comically called racist, sexist, bigoted, etc., desperately want to appear open and tolerant; moreover we truly wish to be polite and not ruin dinner with the in-laws. Most of us realize we aren’t perfect in God’s eyes and aren’t keen to judge, except in cases that we honestly believe could have dire consequences for the country- and the planet.
                This is clearly not true of the In-Your-Face “Pride!” type movements and the liberals that constitute their ranks. “We’re fierce, we’re feminists, and we’re in your face!” Global warming skeptic? No, you are a “Denier.” Family member or not, they typically don’t subscribe to the old conservative notion not to discuss sex, religion or politics when junior brings his first girlfriend home for dinner.
                Ironically, liberals know this and prey on the decency of their restrained conservative adversaries to no end. To them, the ends justify the means. No matter what.
                Conservatives must first try to thoroughly explain their ideas and principles and why those ideas and principles are superior to rampant progressivism, why they have historically brought more people into more wealth and happiness. They cannot continue to “stand down” out of fear or “decency.”
                The Founders rebelled over a relatively minor increase in the tax on tea, as it illustrated the intolerable concept of taxation without representation. It was a conservative rebellion, designed to do whatever it took, nothing less and nothing more, to recapture that established British right of representation.
                They realized, as the Civil-War generation did years later, that some principles are worth fighting for, indeed must be fought for, if an individual’s or society’s life is to hold any meaning. They did this in the interest of those here now, and of those to come. If there is absolutely no one and nothing worth dying for, there is, by definition, nothing worth living for.
                The next time you conservatives find yourself at the family dinner table and your Aunt Betty starts talking about how screwed up America is, how global warming is undeniable and how multi-sexual, trans-gendered folks should be able to use any bathroom they want and have the government (taxpayers) pay for their contraception and then exclaims that conservatives are mean-spirited and Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, idiot…stand your ground.
                To do any less would be craven.

                And deeply immoral, as it will guarantee that the dire consequences come to pass.

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