Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monuments To Freedom? (Obamacare, Marriage Equality & The Culture War)

                The United States is literally being utterly transformed at an unprecedented rate…right before our very eyes. Things that would have been thought impossible- or that weren’t even thought of- only ten, twenty or thirty years ago have come to pass. Nationalized healthcare, gay marriage, gender-neutral bathrooms, nudity and swearing on prime-time network television, pastors and priests threatened for citing passages from the Bible, mandatory coverage of birth-control costs by insurance companies, Sharia law being cited as the basis for court cases in the U.S., Iran obtaining nuclear weapons with the consent- nay, aid- of the U.S., naturalized relations with Cuba (though they changed not at all), strained relations with Israel (though they changed not at all), the legalization of pot, etc., etc., etc. It is literally hard to keep up with the speed, length and breadth of the progressive’s victories.
                The Culture War, the only one that really mattered as it presaged and paved the way for all of the progressive’s other gains on various fronts, is all but over. Conservatives, who emphasized the importance of economic, logical and historical thought and perspective, have been routed. There is no way back, no overcoming this thrashing. Kardashian rump trumps economic theory every time. Lesbians lick logic, video games overwhelm history and politics is porno. Rhetoric is only relevant if it concerns sports. The enforced tolerance of political correctness, with its implicit and explicit threats, always terrorizes and subdues intelligence, independence, skepticism, and sanity, unless these are coupled with absolute courage and selflessness. Good luck with that.
                The Confederate Flag has been banned and the Rainbow Banner is being raised. Students at the University of Texas have let known their desire to have a statue of George Washington removed from campus. What other traditionally American symbols will be similarly banned or replaced? Well, possibly the Stars and Stripes for one. A number of citizens (in San Diego) signed a petition recently to get rid of Old Glory and replace it with a new national flag that includes a pyramid and a rainbow.
                I, for one, believe Mount Rushmore has to go. Not only are there 4 white men on it, but the very rock-face they are carved out of is nearly white. I mean…what the Hell?
                The Statue of Liberty?  “She’s” going to have to be re-made into a gender-questioning or gender-queer or gender-fluid personage who has a torch for freedom… of multi-sexual expression.
                The Washington Monument? That simply can’t stand…unless it is recast as a phallus symbol “sticking up” for the Gay Pride movement.

                President Obama campaigned on a promise of fundamentally transforming America.

                With a year and a half left in his presidency, he has already done so.

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