Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth Of July Symbolism And Substance

                As the White House bathed in rainbow light last week, I was prodded to ruminate about upcoming Fourth of July events. Disney similarly enveloped its signature buildings in gay colors and it got me to thinking. I’m sure the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco will be illuminated in pastels this weekend, but I’d like to see Mount Rushmore flooded by the rainbow colors for the Fourth of July celebration.
                They’d look great on Washington, et. al. I can practically hear Teddy Roosevelt “Bully, bullying!” as the purple and pink hues caress his visage!
                Now we know why he said, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Wink, wink.
                Well, after all, he was a Rough Rider, right? Ooohhh!
               (If there was an LGBTG Mount Rushmore, who’d be on it? Harry Hay, Caitlynn Jenner, Ellen DeGeneres and Anthony Kennedy?).
                Every post that has ever appeared on this site has been written exclusively by yours truly. (I apologize for that!). Until today.
               I recently came across a years-old, op-ed page post from a small town, upper-midwestern-state newspaper that really impressed me. The message is simple, straight-forward and logical. In honor of who we  were and what we formerly believed (that made us a uniquely great nation), I now post it here, with permission, this 4th of July, the year of our Lord 2015:

               There are certain truths which are true no matter how much the world may question or deny them. In the economic realm, for instance, you cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of it. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. Governments cannot give to people what they do not first take away from people. And that which one man receives without working for, another man must work for without receiving. And nothing can kill the initiative of a people quicker than for half to get the idea they need not work because the other half will feed them, and for the other half to get the idea it does no good to work since someone else receives the rewards.

                                                                                         From the Edgerton, Minnesota Enterprise 

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