Friday, July 10, 2015

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy To Host T.V. Show On The Mystery Channel

October 12, 2015
Entertainment News Syndicate-

                The Mystery Channel, the newest entry into an already crowded field of cable television stations, debuted last week…to general critical acclaim.
                The nascent network’s most anticipated show is titled, “Anthony Kennedy’s Divining Rod,” and features the Chief Justice Himself trying to find various people, things- and even concepts- that have famously gone lost or missing over time. The pilot airs tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 13th at 8 p.m. E.S.T.
                The new network’s president stated, “We feel that if he could find the absolute right to gay marriage in the Constitution, that he should have a real chance of putting an end to some of the most mysterious disappearances that have plagued and intrigued humanity over the millennia.”
                The Mystery Channel has 12 episodes (13 weeks) currently “in the can” for season one, with the following schedule synopsis:

                Pilot (Ep. 1; “Elvis, Is That You?”)- Anthony, or “K.K.” (King Kennedy), as he’s often referred to in the show, attempts to track down Elvis Presley.
                Ep. 2; “It’s Plane To See”- In this thrilling episode, K.K. will do his best to locate the remains of Malaysian Flight 370!
                Ep. 3; “Re-Union”- K.K. seeks Jimmy Hoffa.
                Ep. 4; “She Flew The Coop”- Just back from his previous expedition, Justice Kennedy is on the hunt for Amelia Earhart.
                Ep. 5; “Exit, Stage Left”- The Chief takes on his most challenging task to date: locating the Democratic Party of Harry Truman and JFK.
                Ep. 6; “And It Used To Have A Soul, Too”- Our favorite man in black goes in search of the Republican Party’s spine.
                Ep. 7; “Didn’t You Use To Be America?”- Tony tries to track down limited government of, by and for…the people.
                Ep. 8; “She-mails”- Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy is his name and crime is his game. This time he tries to hunt down the missing Hillary Clinton State Department e-mails. Two-part episode.
                Ep. 9; “Two If By Sea?”- K.K.’s off to find the Ark of the Covenant.
                Ep. 10; “Is it not U.S.?”- The robed-wonder tries to conjure up the Lost City of Atlantis.
                Ep. 11; “Is There An App For That?”- K.K. frantically looks for Bristol Palin’s virginity!
                Ep. 12; “Umm, Like, Whatever Dude?!”- In the breathtaking first-season finale’, the Chosen One is off in search of…intelligent life on Earth.


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