Thursday, July 23, 2015

Intolerant Insanity (Or P.C. B.S.)

                 Where will it end? Where- and who- will we be? The sanctimonious ignorance and overbearing intolerance of the politically correct Gestapo are literally endangering Western Society. They are achieving “victory” after “victory” because a significant percentage of those who aren’t card-carrying members of this modern-day Gestapo are afraid of it. As a result, history and common sense are being rounded up and taken on trains to re-education camps. Soon, global warming deniers and other heretics will be relocated to various fetid gulags of the mind and soul.
                The great progressive achievement has been to coerce a majority of the people into believing that tolerance is the greatest virtue. Forget dignity, perseverance, work ethic, discipline, honesty (LOL!), modesty, courage, integrity, et. al. What is more remarkable- and depressing- yet, is that they did this while being utterly intolerant themselves, especially of the aforementioned virtues. (That is what they used to be considered, anyway).
                Tolerance? If one believes in Faith, Hope and Love, one might even forgive an enemy after the fact. This has been the case at times with soldiers after their war is over. After all they’ve seen and been through, they may still have faith in God…and hope that things can get better. In, say, a devoutly Christian manner, they may even believe- and hope- that God loves their (former) enemy.
                That does not translate into letting a person, group or country kill you, your family, friends and loved ones if you could in any way attempt to prevent it, even if it means killing that person or group, and utterly defeating that country.
                To do otherwise would not be tolerance, it would be irrationality, insanity and immorality. It would go against instinct (animalism, survival of the fittest, evolution…science) and religion. The self-proclaimed tolerant are anything but and simply want to brainwash you into tolerating your own marginalization and demise, all the while accusing you of being intolerant.
Amazing. “Tolerance” is not found in the Ten Commandments. Nor the Declaration of Independence. Tolerance is only tangentially and occasionally a virtue at all.
We can no longer tolerate the all-out assault on American values, the rampant Islamic terrorism, the complete subversion of the family, the $200 trillion in unfunded mandates, the absolutely unchecked Russian and Chinese aggression, the bold-faced lying and taunting of the Iranian leadership, and the smug intolerance of those who demand the rest of us be tolerant of all things…especially of their intolerance.    
                Our founders were made of stouter stuff. They rebelled, with little or no government or infrastructure of their own, against the greatest military power the world had yet seen, in part because of a tax on tea (that they had no say in).
                Perhaps a growing number of us can find the consummate courage to refute outright lies and stand up for our own beliefs, whatever the politically-correct Gestapo has in store for us, thereby reinstating America.
                But I doubt our progressive comrades will tolerate that.

                Will we?

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