Friday, July 17, 2015

Nuclear Accord With Iran

Thursday, July 15
Washington, D.C.-

                President Obama, brandishing a copy of the proposed nuclear accord with Iran,  proclaimed to the assembled reporters at a White House news conference that he had achieved, “peace for our time!”
                Oh wait, I’m sorry, that was Neville Chamberlain prior to World War II after signing a peace pact with Adolf Hitler. What the president actually said was, “Either the issue of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is resolved diplomatically through a negotiation or it’s resolved through force, through war. Those are the options.” Those are the only two options?
                There is a third option that you don’t want people to talk about. The option you actually chose.
                The deal, which eliminates billions of dollars in economic sanctions, will leave Iran flush with cash to, say, fund terrorism. Or spend on their nuclear program.
                The accord “requires” Iran to give up thousands of centrifuges and lower its uranium enrichment levels, etc. However, the agreement is rendered moot by the fact that international inspectors will only have access to Iran’s declared nuclear facilities and must request permission to visit the nation’s military sites, permission that will likely not be granted. Moreover, Iran was granted a 24-day window before those international inspectors could even gain access to suspicious sites!
                Worried that your teenager is hiding drugs or naughty magazines from you in his bedroom? “Well, son, I’m going to inspect your room, but I will give you a 24-day window to prepare for my visit. Oh, and I won’t look under the mattress. Here’s $50.” That’s a strategy with some teeth in it!
                Many think the deal also makes it much more likely that the U.N. will lift its arms embargo on Iran in a few years.
                The deal does nothing to address Iran’s support for terrorism or its “detention” of several American citizens. When queried, the President said that Iran would have simply taken advantage of any U.S. effort to link the deal to the release of United States citizens.

                And  we know you wouldn’t allow them to take advantage of you. Or Us. Right?

                We are all hostages now.


                (After signing the non-aggression pact with Chamberlain, Hitler dismissed it as, “just a scrap of paper” that left the Third Reich free to do as it pleased).

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