Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Seattle Law Enforcement Tells Citizens To Give Criminals "Whatever They're Looking For"


Seattle, like many American cities long controlled by Democrats, is experiencing rising crime rates in general-- and especially large increases in staged carjackings. What does law enforcement suggest citizens do in these trying times? Sheriff David Robinson recommends that “they give up their car keys” and give the criminals “whatever they’re looking for.”

That’s the spirit! Just surrender to evil! It’s the New American Way! We’ve come full circle from “Don’t Tread On Me” to “Take Anything You Want, I Won’t Resist.”

Nike says, “Just do it!” Nancy Reagan said “Just say no.” And now police say, “just give up.” Inspiring!

The Spirit of ’76? What if the colonists had decided that the British were just too strong-- and just gave up? The likes of George Washington and Samuel Adams could have simply told them to give up their guns and hand the keys to their homes over to the Redcoats. After all, the British had a large and experienced army and the best navy in the world. The colonists had neither.

Lewis and Clark blazed a trail through the wilderness to the Northwest, arriving at the Pacific Ocean (between what are the now crime ravaged cities of Seattle and Portland.) They faced many staggering obstacles, among them the Rocky Mountains, abhorrent weather, hostile natives, dangerous animals, and various diseases. Perhaps they should’ve just given up. Same for those who came later via Conestoga Wagon.

We must rise up and demand that authorities get tough on crime and support law enforcement. We must demand that they enforce bail, We must rid ourselves of Soros-funded D.A.s who never met a criminal they wouldn’t coddle. No more catch and release, no more recidivism. We must vote out the people in power who put the “needs” of criminals above those of law-abiding (and tax-paying!) citizens.

Unless we recover our courage, our spirit, and our moral character, criminals will forever be in the driver’s seat-- and we will be left helpless on the side of the road…wondering what went wrong.







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