Sunday, September 17, 2023

Trudeau's Government Blames Oil And Gas Companies For Wildfires


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s radical left Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault drew a dubious link between his nation’s oil and gas sector and its wildfires during his visit to China. That he visited the communist nation at this time angered many, but damning his own country’s oil and gas industry while speaking in—and to--  the world’s leading polluter was illogical, repulsive, and completely beyond the pale.

Guilbeault said that he was “disappointed” that the CEO of Suncor, a Calgary based company which provides natural resources for all of Canada – seemed more concerned with producing oil and gas rather than lowering carbon emissions at a time when “tens of thousands of Canadians” were forced to flee from recent wildfires. 

Guilbeault stated, “To see the leader of a great Canadian company say that he is basically disengaging from climate change and sustainability, that he’s going to focus on short-term profit, it’s all the wrong answers.” He added, “If I was convinced before that we needed to do regulation, I am even more convinced now.”

This led Alberta Premier Danielle Smith-- who is apparently sane—to reply, “Minister Guilbeault’s comments are a continuation of his provocative verbal attacks on Alberta's energy sector, the most environmentally responsible and ethical energy-producing jurisdiction in the world.”

Guilbeault’s inference that “climate change” is the root cause of recent wildfires is as spurious and unscientific as stating that spoons cause obesity. In truth, many of the fires appear to have been the result of arson. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have recently arrested a number of arsonists-- who have been charged with lighting fires across the country, including in the Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta. Moreover, satellite footage from Quebec showed suspiciously simultaneous eruptions of several blazes across the province, leading to concerns that those fires, too, were the result of a coordinated effort by arsonists. Fires have also ravaged much of Greece this summer. Government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis recently told Greek public broadcaster ERT that of 140 wildfire-related arrests, 79 were related to arson. (That’s 56% for those of you who may currently be attending an “institution of higher learning.”)

Many of the fires are at least partially the result of leaving too much deadwood and flammable material on forest floors, usually due to “environmentalists’” wishes. Of course, more folks live in more areas, and fire detection and reporting are better than in prior eras, too. And, at least in the case of Canada, one gets the impression that an all-out effort to contain these conflagrations hasn’t been made…possibly to drive home the point that global warming is going to be the death of us all, and sooner rather than later. (It wouldn’t stun me if some of the fires were set by those with an agenda.)

A recent study by Danish author and academic Bjorn Lomborg, published in the Wall Street Journal, illustrated a vast disparity between the actual number of wildfires and the attention given them by the mainstream media and politicians. 

Lomborg asserted: “Climate change hasn’t set the world on fire. It turns out the percentage of the globe that burns each year has been declining since 2001.”  

Yet, despite that inconvenient truth, the mainstream media-- and many politicians—insist that there are ever more fires as a direct result of “climate change.” In furtherance of their agenda, reporting on “climate change” has increased by 400% between 2010 and 2020.  

Now that burns me up.




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