Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Germany's Government To Ban Opposing Political Party, Too?


Germany’s AfD (Alternative for Germany), a populist political party whose main policy plank is dramatically tightening Germany’s open borders, is in danger of being outright banned.

Germany’s government, like America’s, is currently dominated by hypocritical leftist autocrats who are now debating whether to ban what it considers to be the “far-right” Alternative for Germany party. AfD has surged in popularity recently, and is now polling at 21%, despite warnings from intelligence officials that its members are becoming increasingly “extreme.” German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier recently stated, “We all have it in our hands to put those who despise our democracy in their place.” He was addressing the country’s domestic intelligence agency. (Which is not the STASI.”)

Thomas Haldenwang, the nation’s domestic spy chief, said: “We see a considerable number of protagonists in this party that spread hate against all types of minorities here in Germany.”


This whole situation is remarkably similar to that in the U.S., with those in power branding their political opponents as “extreme” and “far-right,” and attempting to marginalize, punish, cancel—or imprison—those with whom they disagree.

The AfD isn’t spreading hate. Rather, it is the elites who lord over their citizens and mock them for their beliefs-- and who tell them what speech/thought is and isn’t acceptable—that are doing so.

Leftists are spreading hate against the AfD, which is, in fact, a minority party. Banning its existence outright would be a remarkably Nazi-like thing to do, and particularly ironic while saying this must be done to save “our democracy.”


 In Germany, Canada, the United States-- and elsewhere-- “save our democracy” has become nothing but a dog-whistle. It is nought but shorthand for “cancel or lock-up anyone with whom we disagree!”


So the correct response to edicts from the likes of President Steinmeier, Prime Minister Trudeau, and President Biden would not be, “Sich Heil!”

It would be “See ya’!”





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