Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Democrats Take Gaslighting To A New Level Every Day

If Biden and the Democrats launched an all-out surprise attack on, say, Antigua, they would solemnly state: “The Republicans’ dastardly and unprovoked attack on Antigua and its peace-loving citizens is proof of their bigotry and hatred—and total disregard for the environment and planet Earth. They have shamelessly stripped our military of all but far-right Christian extremists who detest Antigua for sinister reasons.” (Never mind that Republicans don’t currently have this ability since they don’t control the government-- and that the Biden administration has shamelessly stripped the military of devout Christians and patriots. Even easily demonstrable facts don’t matter anymore, and Democrats know this.) And the media would simply repeat those words verbatim in between continuing wall-to-wall coverage of the “Trump Indictments,” which are, of course, necessary to “save our democracy.”

We have arrived at “1984,” albeit 39 years late. (In the U.S., in 1984, it was “Morning in America,” due to Ronald Reagan.) We are now experiencing “Darkness at Noon.” And a “Brave New World,” which is neither new nor brave.

This sick and “Depraved New World” has been brought to you by the Democrat Party, which now appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of…Satan?

So “progressive” Democrats say, “Let’s celebrate baby-killing! Let’s glorify crime! Let’s sanction and subsidize theft, robbery, and burglary! Let’s mock religion and demean heterosexuality! Let’s worship gender confusion and mental illness! Let’s attack reason, discipline, dignity, and competence! Let’s deny objective truth! Let’s herald the burgeoning chaos and tyranny as the savior of “our democracy!” F**k the founders and screw the concepts of natural rights and natural law. There is no higher power than today’s Democrat Party! No one—and that includes you—has any rights other than those we say you have!”

And then they add: “Now be a good little citizen and vote for us again.”

And a great many will.



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