Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Rob Reiner Says All Opposition Must Be Stifled If We Are To Save "Our Democracy"


Rob “Mad Dog” Reiner recently stated (on the platform formerly known as Twitter):

Hard Reality: For our Democracy to survive, two things have to happen. Donald Trump needs to be Convicted for Jan. 6th and there can be no Third Party Candidate.”

Right, for “our Democracy” to survive, the leader of the opposition party must be locked up-- and no other candidates can be allowed to run.

That is a particularly strange definition of Democracy. In fact, it is an antonym.

I would say that Meathead Reiner is insane, but that would give insanity a bad name.

Reiner is a German name, nein?

He would’ve fit in nicely in the Third Reich. I can almost hear him now-- standing in the square in a nice black uniform with red trim-- screaming: ”Wir mussen all opposition zerquetschen! Tod to Trump supporters! Sich heil!”

Do those of us who truly value a representative democratic republic a favor, Rob: go lay by your dish.

Verstehen sie?

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