Monday, September 4, 2023

Greek To Me?


A coded email sent by a consultant to a policy adviser for Democrat Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was used to "conceal" information pertaining to the state's handling of a local water crisis according to a lawsuit filed by residents of Benton Harbor. Andrew Leavitt, once a consultant to Michigan’s energy department, used letters from the Greek alphabet to send the email to Kara Cook, Whitmer’s senior energy advisor, the class action lawsuit alleges. The email contained information related to a lead water crisis in Benton Harbor, information that the government obviously wanted to keep from becoming public knowledge.

Since the email was written in Greek, it would not have shown up in public records requests for government communications that contained certain words like "Flint,” “lead in water,” or "red flags." Had the state government not been sued, the email likely would never have been discovered because Michigan's public records department cannot electronically search for records containing Greek letters. As it is, the coded email did not surface until the discovery phase of the lawsuit, which was filed in November 2021 by residents of Benton Harbor against Whitmer, the state of Michigan, the city and other parties.

It's nice that our ”public servants” are so transparent with us. It seems that whatever those in government aren’t lying to us about, they are trying to hide from us. I wonder if they use codebooks and invisible ink, as well? We know they use aliases like “Robert L. Peters.”

When our rulers see words like ‘honesty’ and ‘transparency,’ they shrug and say, “That’s Greek to me.”





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