Friday, September 8, 2023

German And Austrian News Outlets In Lockstep Over Climate Change Coverage


Reports indicate that Austrian and German mainstream news outlets have agreed to cover the alleged “climate crisis” in lock-step and uniformity, disallowing deviation from the their narrative. 

 To this end, many major Austrian news outlets have agreed to sign a “climate codex,” thereby committing themselves to cover the “climate crisis” by portraying it as the “most urgent crisis in this century.” The “Network of Climate Journalism” responsible for the codex developed a “Climate Charta” on how to cover the issue “together with our colleagues from the Network of Climate Journalism Germany.” 

Austria and Germany united again in promulgating an extremist agenda? In pushing a dangerous lie? Are these media outlets going to blame the “climate crisis” on the Jews? The Holocaust was the most dangerous crisis of the last century…if you happened to be Jewish. And, unlike the “climate crisis,” there is no doubt that catastrophe was man-made.

Not again. Never again. I beg German and Austrian citizens: don’t go along with this. Rebel this time. The absolute refusal to allow opposing voices, the utter intolerance and close-mindedness, the unfounded religious fervor to believe and act in certain ways…can only lead to disaster.

But the rest of Western European mainstream media isn’t much better. Nor, sadly, is the American mainstream media. They all proudly march in goosestep lockstep. Revolting.

We can defeat “climate change,” they say. However, since it is man-caused, we must take the fight to…ourselves.

So, everyone say it with me now: Sieg heil!

I’m sure the climate is trembling.



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