Monday, September 25, 2023

CNN Chyron Actually Says The Constitution Is Bad For Democracy


CNN, bastion of republican sanity that it is, recently placed a graphic up that said scholars are warning that the Constitution is outdated and could put democracy at risk. The chyron read: “SCHOLARS WARN OUTDATED CONSTITUTION HAS PUT DEMOCRACY AT RISK”

I would say scholars are putting democracy at risk. And preposterously biased media outlets like CNN.

I am sadly aware that history is not a favored subject amongst progressives, many of whom seem to think that everything that occurred before they themselves arrived on the scene and became (arguably) sentient was unenlightened and irrelevant. But the Constitution and its attendant Bill of Rights were specifically designed to protect representative democracy. And artfully so. The founders were uniquely capable of doing this because of their incredibly vast knowledge of history, including the study of all forms of government that came before them—and how those governments impacted the people.

The Declaration of independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. No other documents have ever been so specifically designed to foster and protect representative democracy…or been so successful-- for so long-- at doing so.

But leftists don’t like the Constitution, and actually disdain democracy, especially representative republics, because they are impediments to what they value most: power at any cost. However, they can’t come right out and say that, so they gaslight and now say the Constitution is a threat to Democracy, when they are the real threat. Tragically, a significant percentage of Americans are now too ignorant or ill-educated to understand what’s happening. A shocking number are duped by leftists—and their disastrous policies.

The Left is getting ever more brazen in their refutation of America, even as they blather on about saving “our democracy.” Stating that the Constitution is putting that democracy at risk is like saying the instructions for how to safely light and operate a gas grill are putting those that enjoy barbecue at risk.


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