Thursday, March 23, 2023

Scientists Create Mice From Two Fathers


Scientists in Japan have just created mice by using two biological fathers.

Well, tap the keg!

Apparently, the mad scientists somehow managed to create “eggs” from the cells of two male mice…and subsequently proceeded to put those eggs inside surrogate mice…which eventually resulted in offspring.

According to a report in the far-left media outlet The Guardian, male skin cells were reprogrammed into a stem cell-like state to create so-called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The Y-chromosome of these cells was then deleted and replaced by an X chromosome “borrowed” from another cell to produce iPS cells with two identical X chromosomes.

Katsuhiko Hayashi, who led the research, stated: “The trick of this, the biggest trick, is the duplication of the X chromosome. We really tried to establish a system to duplicate the X chromosome.”

Lastly, the cells were cultivated in an ovary “organoid,” a culture system designed to replicate the conditions inside a mouse ovary. When the eggs were fertilized with normal mouse sperm, the scientists obtained about 600 embryos, which were then implanted into surrogate mice, resulting in the birth of seven mouse pups. The efficiency of about 1% was much lower than that achieved with naturally occurring female-derived eggs, where about 5% of embryos went on to produce a live birth, but the experiment was nonetheless a “success.”

Scientists hope that their work will one day allow same-sex couples to have a biological child together. In fact, lead scientist Hayashi avers that, “in terms of technology, it will be possible [in humans] even in 10 years.”


What a day of liberation it will be when the two sexes no longer need each other! Screw complimentarity. Men and women won’t have to screw each other to reproduce. We won’t have to put each other on a pedestal. We won’t have to worship God. What does He/She/They know, anyway? “Male and female He created them” sounds like something a bigoted, intolerant, straight, white, Christian dude would say! In our new, improved-- and enlightened—religion, we worship ourselves! So much more efficient and rewarding to cut out the middle “man!” I mean, we are who we’ve been waiting for, right?

Some feminists have said, “Women need men like fish need a bicycle.” In light of this research, men will soon be able to say, “men need women like bicycles need fish.” Or something like that.

This finding could eventually help to continue the erasure of women.

If “science” will soon afford us a way to eschew traditional human sexual reproduction, maybe it will someday allow us to simply reproduce via binary fission, like single-celled “animals” have done for billions of years. Now, that would be progress!

A couple of questions, though. First, would there be any age restrictions on same-sex reproduction? If young kids have the right to decide to have their bodies mutilated in order to “change” genders, why wouldn’t two males of any age have the right to make a baby as soon as biology science makes it possible? Second, how could we possibly know of potential long-term health ramifications for babies created in this manner?

Not that “experts” would care, given their recent track record on coronavirus mask and vaccine mandates, etc.



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