Sunday, March 12, 2023

Canada's Department Of "Justice" Promoting Medical Assistance In Dying Program


Canada’s Department of Justice recently promoted its Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program on its Twitter account, calling the program a “regime” that wishes to support “autonomy and freedom of choice, while protecting those who may be vulnerable.”

What a complete load of crap, eh? The “regime” currently in control of Canada and Canadians is intent on essentially enslaving those that don’t accept its offer to kill them.


Autonomy (noun): 1) the quality or state of being self-governing; especially the right of self-government. 2) self-directing freedom and especially moral independence. 3) a self-governing state.

One does not think of “autonomy” when one thinks of Canada, although I’m sure Alberta-- and possibly other provinces-- fervently desire to be autonomous. Moral independence would be a big improvement from the amoral dependence the Trudeau government tries to shove down its citizens throats like back-bacon off the Coleman.

Freedom of choice? Like whether or not to accept an experimental mRNA gene-therapy vaccine into one’s decidedly non-autonomous body? Like the freedom the Canadian truckers were afforded to show their displeasure with Trudeau’s draconian, Chinese-style coronavirus mandates? Or perhaps the autonomy they had over their bank accounts that the government froze or their insurance policies that it cancelled in a tyrannical snit? Or maybe the freedom and autonomy Canucks had to stay away from church services, and the weddings and funerals of loved ones during the pandemic…because they were not allowed to attend them?

“While protecting those who may be vulnerable?” Give me a break! Like those who are facing serious medical conditions or mental illness? The very folks MAID offers to off?

Of course, Americans, especially in Blue States, had their rights and freedoms stripped from them, too. However, their government isn’t quite as openly aggressive in its desire to use taxpayer money to kill them. Yet.

How come “pro-choice” always means “pro-death” to leftists? Pro-abortion, pro-assisted suicide, etc. Yet they are fervently not pro-choice when it comes to personal protection, e.g. Second Amendment rights, acceptance of experimental “vaccines” and associated social-distancing and lockdown mandates, and even freedom of speech. Amazing. Preposterous. Repulsive. Insane.

Dear Canadians: consider telling the formerly black-faced Trudeau that we don’t need MAIDs, an acronym spelling a word that means “a female domestic servant” and representing the taking of life.

I would posit that instead we need MALEs: Morality And Logic Enhancement programs. Representing the celebration of life…and respect for truth.  



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