Thursday, March 30, 2023

Democrats: Men Are Women, Black Is White, Jan. 6 Was An Insurrection


Things just aren’t as they used to be.

It was recently announced that Minnesota’s “Woman of the Year” is a man. And this is not an anomaly. The insanity isn’t confined to The People’s Republic of Minnesota. Rachel Lavine, aka Richard L. Lavine (but don’t call me Dick!) was honored as one of USA Today’s “Women of the Year” for 2022. Rachel, whose only apparent effort at even looking like a woman is donning a string of pearls-- and possibly curling his hair-- has also been dubbed an “admiral”…though I’m certain he/she couldn’t tell a battleship from a battle ax.

Not to be left behind, First lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently presented a biological male from Argentina with an award for women-- on International Women’s Day yet. Talk about a kick in the privates if you are a biological woman! I must say it is a weird form of “progress” when “Women of the Year” are now often men.

But, then again, “white supremacists” are now frequently Black. Prominent and accomplished Black figures such as Justice Clarence Thomas, Senator Tim Scott, Candace Owens, and Larry Elder have been branded as white supremacists by some on the left. The Los Angeles Times actually dubbed Elder “the Black face of white supremacy.” (Even saying or thinking “Black face” is fraught with danger today. For example, when I think of Black face, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comes to mind. Safe space! Safe space!)

And there’s more. “Insurrection” doesn’t mean what it used to mean, either. If politicians can claim those who entered the Capitol on “Jan. 6” were engaging in the biggest and most dangerous “insurrection” since the Civil War, words have no meaning.

If these folks were “insurrectionists,” they were the least competent ones in recorded history. I mean, not one of them thought to bring a firearm. Particularly odd for folks so hung up on the Second Amendment, no? Many were let in by Capitol police and calmly escorted around the building. They actually prayed for those very police officers who were supposedly there to defend the Capitol and its inhabitants. They did not kill anyone, yet four of the insurrectionists died-- one shot dead. (Others were tear-gassed, hit with rubber bullets, or beaten.) Contrast this with the Civil War, in which more than 600,000 people perished amidst unimaginable carnage wrought by cannon balls, rifles, bayonets, and swords…over the course of four years and across much of the nation. Detect a difference?

Democrats don’t.

Men are women, Blacks are white supremacists, whites are inalterably racists-- because of their skin color!—and Jan. 6 was an “insurrection.” Preposterous.

It’s almost like they are making everything up.




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