Friday, March 24, 2023

"Tradwife" Trend Enrages Progressives


Though so-called progressives can’t even define what a woman is, they have no qualms about telling them how they should act and what they must believe.

Which is why they express such disdain at the nascent "tradwife" trend, in which some young women have chosen to embrace traditional gender roles and to consider monogamy, motherhood, and homemaking as personally enriching-- and civilization-stabilizing—concepts and behaviors.

The idea of traditional wives (or traditional anything) is anathema to leftists, who consider traditional gender roles as naught but backward constrictions of a blessedly bygone era.

“Mainstream” media outlets such as NBC's "Today” show, the Guardian, CNN, and, more recently Vice-- among others-- have dutifully denounced this pursuit of stronger families and sexual complementarity. Vice went so far as to state that the tradwife trend "has sinister connections with right-wing extremism.” And added that the movement shows signs of having been “co-opted by those with more nefarious aims.” Nefarious? Yes, it is wicked when a woman acts in a feminine manner, criminal if she cooks or cleans.

CNN’s culture writer Harmeet Kaur opined that the young women who have chosen this lifestyle “sneer at what they consider to be modern-day feminism, with its girl-bosses and its ungratifying grind, and wax lyrical about the value of traditional gender roles…sometimes evoking fundamentalist Christian principles in their beliefs.”

Sometimes evoking fundamentalist Christian principles? Egads!  

What would these women know about anything, anyway? (Or, for that matter, the vast majority of those who have ever lived-- across the globe.)

Well, some say that traditional gender roles feel comforting and empowering, particularly in a modern world that feels completely out of control and increasingly dangerous. (I wonder if the rush away from traditional notions of gender in recent decades has anything to do with why the world feels increasingly out of control and dangerous?)

It never fails to astound me that leftists believe that every woman should have the right to choose to kill the baby in her womb—or even to “become” a man—but that they should not have the right to own a gun, vote Republican, or embrace traditional gender roles.

“My body my choice.” Choice is good, right? Just not that one, apparently.


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