Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Nations' Leaders Seeing Things That Aren't There?


U.S. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. isn’t the only head of state seeing things lately.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently posted a poorly lit image of a tree and… possibly something in it… to his social media accounts. Obrador wrote that the image was captured "three days ago by an engineer, it appears to be an aluxe." As per the Yucatan Times, aluxes are knee-high "pixies" from local-- especially Mayan-- mythology, and are reportedly tasked with protecting plantations, cornfields, and properties.

The Times noted, "As in all goblin traditions, these little beings are often naughty and play practical jokes on people crossing their domains. Sometimes they take reprisals that become real nightmares, they are said to produce short screams, strong whirlpools and other phenomena when they get angry and some people consider aluxes 'allies of evil.'"

Biden shakes hands with a ghost and “AMLO” thinks he has photographic evidence of the existence of an elf. It is hard to be optimistic when our leaders believe in things like invisible people, UFOs, Bigfoot-- and now “woodland elves-- but not in things like the Bill of Rights, the truth, and the existence of binary sexes.

One thing is for sure, however. As China, Russia, North Korea, Iran-- and wannabe tyrants like Adam Schiff, Rashida Tlaib and Dr. Fauci make clear—the existence of evil, and “allies of evil,” is not in doubt.



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