Saturday, March 25, 2023

Minnesota To Be "Sanctuary State" For Transgender Treatments, Procedures


Tim Walz, Minnesota’s Democratic governor, recently signed Executive Order 23-03, effectively making Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for gender-transitioning treatments and procedures. Several of the bill’s provisions require various health organizations to provide such services-- and forbid them from sharing information with other states that have banned such treatment for minors.

Both Walz and Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, also a Democrat (of course), spoke at a press conference celebrating the signing. Walz sniffed: “In this state, hate has no home. In this state, love and acceptance is what we preach.” Is it? Are they? Might want to ask the taxpayers if that’s the case. Or all those who have been victimized by violent—and other—crimes due to a general disdain for law enforcement. And the North Star state certainly isn’t a “sanctuary” for fiscal conservatives, or those with traditional social, cultural, or religious values.

Not to be outdone, Flanagan stated: “When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.”

Yes, encouraging the permanent genital mutilation of your young children has understandably long been considered the standard for—and hallmark of-- good parenting……in the (hopefully) rare instances when the good parents haven’t chosen to abort their offspring. (Minnesota is also a sanctuary state for abortions!)

If a “good parent” now encourages their confused child’s self-mutilation, what else qualifies as good parenting in our depraved brave new world? Should good parents offer their kids a pack of Marlboros? A pint of 151 rum? Urge them to take the Tide Pod challenge and go play in the street? Let them do whatever they want, because “all the other kids are doing it?”

Perhaps progressives would like to see a new version of the classic “Mr. Potato Head” doll introduced. One with which the kiddies could lop off—and add on—various body parts…willy-nilly (so-to-speak).  This would allow them to design in advance the specific gender and body types they themselves wish to be going forward. The new woke doll’s penises, vaginas, clitorises, breasts, buttocks, noses, etc., would of course come in various colors and sizes, thereby affording the youngsters a nearly limitless number of combinations and endless hours of inclusive fun! Accessories such as pins, buttons, and posters would also be part of the “deluxe” kit (only $5 more!), and would come with messages like “My body, my choice,” “Keep your hands off my uterus,” “Love is love,” “Yes, I am polysexual. Jealous?” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” (New from Hasbro!)

In actuality, a “good” parent’s job as a “grown-up” is to do what’s best for his or her child in the long run, not succumb to tantrums, peer pressure, or the hatred of the woke mafia. A good parent loves his or her child enough that he or she will accept being ostracized by the New Jacobins. A good parent will talk to, explain, counsel, and tutor their offspring. That is what “good parents” do for their children, to help them prepare for adulthood, when they are free to make decisions entirely on their own.

Good parenting doesn’t involve kowtowing to trite phrases or new fads. Nor does it include puberty blockers or elective surgical alterations of a child’s genitals.

Hopefully we can “transition” from that notion as quickly as many bought into it.



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