Friday, March 3, 2023

Biden Makes, Um, Repeated Preposterous Claims


To say President Biden has a tenuous relation to the truth is like saying Joy Behar has a tenuous relation to reality. Both are obvious understatements. Biden is a Clinton-class liar. And, of late, he has somehow managed to take his game to another level. He recently claimed—on separate occasions-- that gas prices were higher when he took office than they are now, the exact opposite of the truth, and that he has cut the national debt by $1.7 trillion when, in fact, he has increased it by $3.84 trillion.

I fully expect him to soon say something very much like this:

“When I took office, gas was $13 a gallon, and eggs were $12 a dozen. I’ve spent more than any other president…while dramatically cutting the debt! My predecessor almost got us involved in numerous wars, and I brought peace, tranqw—, transkillit--, um…stability to all! My predecessor gutted our military, but I have rebuilt it! And I stopped the coronavirus just like I foiled Corn Pop! And I can do it again! So, where’s Dr. Bossy by the way? Dr. Mossy, are you here? Flossy? President Harris, how ‘bout you? Well, anyway, you can be sure that, while I’m in charge, no one will be raising the price of flibberrasmusogermatenabees! No, I’m serious. C’mon, man, give me a break! Thank you all for coming, and God bless it, America!” (Looks for a way off the stage, turns in the wrong direction……)



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