Wednesday, March 1, 2023



A pair of graduate students at Washington State University believe “the world is facing a looming existential threat caused by exploitative habits and intentional human negligence.”

But enough about the Biden administration.

Just kidding. These students, of course, believe the imminent destruction of the planet is being brought on by Republicans and others who largely purport to believe in—gasp-- capitalism. In a recent Northwest Journal of Teacher Education article, Brandon Edwards-Schuth and Marco Cerqueira stated that they believe “Plantifa” is the best way to prevent the Earth from becoming a living hell. The dynamic duo explain that Plantifa sits “at the intersections of anti-fascism, eco-justice, decolonization, and arts-based curriculum theories.” They wrote: “We feel that education rooted in a Plantifa curriculum can be one potential way for both teachers and communities to use a diversity of tactics to fight climate change and subvert power structures working against environmental justice.”


Super. But what is “Plantifa?” What does it entail? Why, it’s nothing less than guerrilla gardening! Optimally to be carried out by entire communities and incorporated into classroom lesson plans! The two “scholars” suggest that students engage in this “subversive and communal eco-justice approach to environmental degradation and inequity,” instead of practicing traditional gardening in “designated flower beds or defined community gardens.”


Unlike static, boring old traditional gardening, which fairly reeks of white supremacy, guerrilla gardening entails intentionally “gardening without borders,” i.e. utilizing someone else’s land. Intrepid, anti-fascist guerrilla gardeners, they say, assist “nature in breaking trespassing laws, where it is really the insatiable consumption inherent under capitalism which has trespassed Earth.” Huh?


Vacant lots, “derelict land,” and even highway medians are to be targeted by these courageous, anti-fascist horticulturalists, as are any and all other “spaces of eco-potentiality.”


Upon completion of their Plantifa assignments, students are to reflect on their experiences and ponder question such as:

“Why is ‘democracy’ as we understand and practice limited to humans, and who, what, or where ought to be included in a democracy?”

“Why are spaces ‘owned,’ ‘private,’ or possess value (or none)?”

“Why is anti-fascism important to our community, our eco-system?”

I have a few different questions, such as “What the hell?” and “Why are leftists’ craniums such intersectional bastions of ignorance and ass-hattery?”

To save the planet we must plant Kale and tomatoes on other people’s land? I’ve heard of Doctors Without Borders, but “Gardeners Without Borders?”

Edwards-Schuth and Cerqueira have hit on all the correct buzz words of the tragically woke, including “anti-fascism,” “decolonization,” “diversity,” “climate change,” and “environmental justice.” (Oh, and “eco-potentiality.”) And, as is typical for leftists, still managed to say nothing.

And what the hell are “arts-based curriculum theories?” And how do they pertain to Plantifa?

“Guerrilla gardening?” Subversively and indiscriminately planting things on land you don’t own is not “rooted in a Plantifa curriculum,” it is rooted in misinformation, ignorance, unjustified arrogance, and utter disrespect for the rule of law.



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