Tuesday, November 29, 2022

We Must Wake Up From Wokeness


The radically woke, those who want to savage and cancel everyone else, are ignorant and evil. They purport to believe that they would have known better than people in the distant past, though there is no way they can be sure of this. If humanity survives their idiocy, people and historians in the future will likely look back at these wildly intolerant, cock-sure, virtue signaling, anti-historians and be appalled at their intolerance, close mindedness, and ignorance.

For example, the Holocaust they visited on the unborn for decades on end may be seen in a much harsher light, and not glibly and euphemistically be given the label “women’s healthcare” or the oxymoronic “reproductive care.”

If humans are around when the next ice age arrives, the global warming evangelists will look pretty silly. (See the cartoon towards the bottom of this page/site.)

If, at some point in the future, a majority of humans are lesbian, gay, or trans, the damage this will cause to society will be impossible to ignore. The same could be said about an America that is no longer majority Christian.

And, if the U.S. continues its descent into Marxism, the tragically woke—and virtually everyone else—will become poorer, less healthy, and less free.

Unfortunately, the joke wouldn’t just be on the woke. It would be on all of us.

And that’s not funny.



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