Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Coloradans Vote To Legalize "Magic Mushrooms"


Voters in Colorado approved a ballot measure legalizing “magic mushrooms” during the recent midterm elections. Proposition 122 allows for legal access to—and growth of-- psilocybin mushrooms, a hallucinogenic substance. Yet they voted down not one, not two, but three different ballot measures that would have expanded access to alcohol. Propositions 124, 125, and 126 would have increased the number of liquor licenses one individual could have, legalized the sale of wine in supermarkets, and allowed for alcohol delivery services, respectively. All were shot down.

So one can legally grow and imbibe magic mushrooms but can’t purchase a bottle of wine at a grocery store? What the hell? Are Colorado voters high? Oh yeah, they are high. Recreational pot use is legal in the Centennial State, too. Soon they will be both stoned and tripping. There’s more than one reason Denver is called the “Mile High City.”

Want to sip a glass of red wine with the spaghetti dinner you made from ingredients you purchased at your local grocery store? Nah, right out!

Want to smoke a doobie and pop some ‘shrooms? Absolutely, dude!

This just might explain the whole bleeping election. Colorado, a red state in the recent past, is now not only blue, but green with cannabis and the cash it brings in. And, if I’m not hallucinating, soon to be awash in psychedelic colors, too.




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