Sunday, November 20, 2022

Hammers And Knives The New Firearms


Kiernan Brown, 30, was recently charged with the hammer killings of two women after he showed cellphone photos of their beaten bodies to sheriff’s deputies during a traffic stop. He was arrested on Interstate 69, about 108 miles northwest of Detroit, after an ex-girlfriend reported that he had been violating a personal protection order by banging on her door and sending disturbing texts. Brown pled guilty-- but mentally ill-- to second-degree murder in the deaths of 26-year-old Kaylee Ann Brock and 32-year-old Julie Ann Mooney in May 2019.


Paul Pelosi—the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi-- was recently attacked by a man with a hammer at the couple’s home in San Francisco. Pelosi required emergency surgery and his full recovery is apparently still not guaranteed.

Deashe Calhoun, 20, recently attacked Hubert Meulens, 82, with a machete in lower Manhattan. She had previously been arrested seven times in roughly the past seven months for infractions involving knives and subsequently the machete.

There have been a staggering number of knife attacks in recent years, both in the United States and abroad. In fact, stabbings account for well over 1,000 homicides each year in the U.S. alone.

Knife violence in places like Britain are even more prevalent and shocking. In Britain in 2020, a knife crime was reported every 11 minutes, with the bulk of them occurring in London.

I am sick and tired of innocent people being stabbed by all forms of cutlery from Swiss Army Knives to machetes. (Pocket knives are obviously a gateway weapon to swords and machetes.) And I am sick and tired of innocent people being hammered to death.

What can be done about the scourge of non-gun violence? To paraphrase progressives: “Do not blame the perp! Blame the implement!”

Therefore, it is obvious we need commonsense knife and hammer control!

We must demand that the manufacture, sale, and possession of all knives, cutlery, hammers-- and other blunt instruments-- be banned immediately.

It matters not that progressive policies create envy, hate and despair. Or that they make crime a low-risk, high reward activity to those with no moral compass. The fact that criminals, even violent ones, are being booked and almost immediately released, time after time, with little or no (cashless!) bail has nothing to do with the problem. Nor, obviously, does our society’s descent into hyper-secular amorality.

No, it is the fault of the tools that seemingly once served us so well.

And, speaking of tools, remember to vote Democrat. All the time. In every election. Early and often. Our democracy depends on it!





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