Sunday, November 13, 2022

Jeff Bezos To Purchase The Washington Commanders?


The National Football League’s Washington Commanders recently announced that owners Daniel and Tanya Snyder are considering selling the team, which immediately generated widespread speculation about a potential buyer. According to a person familiar with the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, one prominent name was confirmed as having interest: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Rumor has it that music mogul Jay-Z could be an investor in Bezos’ bid, as well.

Or so reported the Washington Post, a paper owned by Bezos, while also noting that the “potential sale of the franchise is in its early stages.”

Billionaires own almost all major league sports teams, naturally, so why not Bezos? If he does end up with ownership of the team, what changes would he make? If his time at the helm of the Post is any guide, he would remold the organization into the wokest and most left-leaning in all of sport.

The squad has already been renamed from the Redskins to the Commanders. Might Bezos change the team’s moniker again…from the Commanders to, say, the Comrades? The Authoritarians? Or perhaps, simply, the Marxists?

And I’d bet we’d see new “message” stickers on the players’ helmets. In addition to the vital league-sanctioned sayings, “End Racism,” “Stop Hate,” “It Takes All Of Us,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Inspire Change,” and “Say Their Stories,” I would expect to see, “End Capitalism,” “Stop Ableism,” “It Takes A Village,” “Abortion Matters,” “Inspire D.E.I.,” “Say Gay Stories,” and “Republicans Suck.”

The Washington Post’s trite motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Let’s hope the Comrades don’t play any night games.





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