Monday, November 14, 2022

Red Wave Flattens, Blue Wave Coming


So there was no red wave.

Despite runaway inflation, a looming recession, supply chain shortages, a cratering stock market, lock downs, vaccine mandates, surging crime, the indoctrination—and sexual grooming—of our children, open borders and the resultant surge in fentanyl deaths and the sex trafficking of minors, looming energy shortages, the balkanization of our nation by Democrats’ obsession with identity politics and intersectionality, Democrats embrace of the Great reset and globalism, and progressives’ never-ending push for evermore woke madness, voters did not punish the Democratic Party in general  in the 2022 midterm elections. In fact, despite truly unprecedented negatives, its worst case scenario is it will lose far fewer seats than is typical in a “normal” midterm election following a new party’s president taking office.

That is truly frightening. There are only three possible reasons for this, none of which are any better than the others. One, Democrats have so corrupted the election process that they can effectively control who wins and loses, at least in races that are reasonably close. Two, roughly half of Americans care more about their “right” to kill their unborn babies and to have the federal government take care of them from cradle to grave (since they were not aborted) than they do about economic disaster, societal splintering, surging crime, and personal freedoms. And, three, some combination of one and two.

Democrats know that the millions of immigrants pouring across our southern border will permanently alter the fabric of the nation—and the electorate. They know that this, combined with the almost total indoctrination of the nation’s youth by the educational system and their resultant fealty to the Democratic Party, means that conservative Republicans will likely never again win an important national election. Those under 30 voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in the 2022 election. Had it not been for this group, there would have been a red wave, or at least a red wavelet. Democrats know time, like almost everything else, is on their side.

This is bad enough. But one thing I haven’t yet seen properly addressed in any mid-term election postmortem is what this means for all of us going forward: the nutty far-left base of the Donkey Party will be energized and emboldened as never before. If you thought the pace of change was breathtakingly rapid in the past few years…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until you see what they do now. There is already talk amongst progressives that President Biden, who has overseen the most rapid—and radical—transformation of the country in history, is not radical enough for their liking.

John Kerry is saying the strategy to fight climate change should be rolled out ala the COVID-19 vaccines. If this is instituted, all of us will experience severe adverse effects, not just a significant minority.

Those of us that oppose this vast left-wing conspiracy and who would like to see The Swamp drained will be pushed further and further to the side. We will be openly chastised, mocked, shadow-banned, tracked, cancelled—and otherwise dealt with as necessary. You know, so that “our democracy” can be saved. Big Tech has already pledged to punish those who hold political opinions that differ from official, government-approved notions.

I have written of the coming demise of the (formerly) United States on more than one occasion in the past. None of which gave me pleasure. All of which made my stomach churn.

In a previous post for American Thinker I wrote: “Stalin is alleged to have said: ‘It's not the people who vote that count; it's the people who count the votes.’"

Actually, it’s both.







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