Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Biological Man Wins New Hampshire Women's Beauty Pageant


A very large trans “woman” recently won a beauty contest in New Hampshire. A 19-year-old biological male named Brian Nguyen prevailed in the “Miss Greater Derry 2023 Pageant,” a contest staged by the Miss America organization. Brian is hefty-- almost literally twice the size of the other competitors-- and isn’t much to look at. But he she won anyway.

The Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Pageant is a preliminary event for the Miss New Hampshire Pageant and, ultimately, the Miss America Pageant. It presents its winner with a crown, title and scholarship.

Females, even beautiful ones, can no longer have-- or win-- their own beauty contests now. Males who purport to identify as females are taking away their crowns, titles, scholarships…and opportunities…just as they have done in sports.

Beauty pageants have largely done away with swimsuit competitions in recent years, so as not to appear “sexist.” Yet, ironically, the way things are going, they might soon institute a jockstrap competition. I’m sure “Brian” would fill one out nicely. (“That’s a huge bitch!”)

What’s next?

I don’t want to know.



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