Friday, November 25, 2022

Identity Theft 2.0


There is another kind of identity theft. We humans are slowly but inexorably-- and apparently inevitably-- allowing artificial intelligence to steal our humanity. In fact, we are, oddly, encouraging it. But, unlike the kind of identity theft of which we are all too aware, this one won’t be just a major inconvenience. There will be no coming back from this usurpation. As artificial intelligence grows ever more prevalent and ever more capable, we allow it—rely on it—to perform ever more of the functions that heretofore only humans could do. In many cases, this has caused us to lose the ability to perform those functions. We are becoming increasingly helpless—and dependent on A.I.

The singularity looms. At some point, A.I. may far surpass our capabilities—and decide we are not “essential.” Or worse.

Intelligence is not something that should ever be ceded to anyone…or anything…else.

If we become dumb as a post while we allow the unchecked advancement of artificial intelligence, we will have lost our humanity.

And our future.

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