Friday, November 11, 2022

MSNBC Fires Tiffany Cross...Finally


MSNBC’s Tiffany (“Really”) Cross was finally shown the door recently due to the frequent inflammatory and hate-filled comments she has uttered on-air over the past several months.

The Pajama Boys at Mediaite (to steal a phrase from Mark Steyn) recently reported that “a source” told them that “comments and coverage from Cross did not adhere to MSNBC’s standards.” The source added that the network had repeatedly informed Cross that this was the case, to no avail.

Cross’s commentary was nearly always outrageous. For example, she routinely savaged white people, and has repeatedly declared that another American Civil War has already begun. Then, on Thursday, November 3rd,  in an interview with “Charlamagne tha God,” she called the state of Florida “the dick of the country.” (Maybe that’s why so many women have moved there.)

But seriously, Cross didn’t meet MSNBC standards? Talk about a low bar! That’s like saying someone’s fitness and/or sartorial standards did not meet Michael Moore’s lofty expectations.

Cross, who issues vile statements like Visa issues credit cards, has finally been issued a pink-slip.

Thank God. Not “Charlamagne tha God,” aka Lenard Larry McKelvey, but the Real One.

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