Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Democrats Are The True "Deniers"


Democrats are the true “Deniers,” with a capital “D.” (They are a lot of things that start with a “D” for that matter. Disingenuous, duplicitous, dishonest, deranged, etc., etc.) They challenge any election in which they don’t prevail. They deny the existence of objective truth. They deny the existence of two sexes. And they constantly yammer on…and on…and on…about the demise of “our democracy” that would necessarily transpire if Republicans were to retake the House and Senate on—or after-- November 8th.

Would a party that believes in democracy force people to allow experimental injections into their bodies? Would a party that believes in democracy censor all opinions with which it disagrees? Would a party that believes in democracy prohibit the questioning of election results? Would a party that believes in the rule of law cheer on the mass looting and burning of its own nation’s cities for months on end? Would a party that believes in equal justice under the law let many-time convicted felons out of jail without bail while continuing to incarcerate its political opponents who strolled through the Capitol Building—AKA the People’s House—per the bidding of Capitol Police and other unidentified “authorities?” Would they go ballistic when one of their own is mocked or attacked while cheering on and laughing when their opponents are similarly mocked, attacked, injured or killed? Would it believe in racial quotas? Would it zealously elevate the interests of fringe minorities over those of traditional majorities? Would it savage nearly everything and every document that birthed the most free, democratic, generous, and diverse nation in the history of the world? Would its leaders take every opportunity to run down their own country while on foreign soil? Would the party leader deliver a vicious, sneering speech attacking half his countrymen as “semi-fascist” from a stage done up to look like something out of Dante's Inferno or Hitler's Third Reich? Would a party that values democracy incessantly mock the truth and label dissenting opinions as “disinformation?”

Democrats deny the obvious: that they colluded to keep Trump from getting elected and to run him out of office when he was. They deny the divine: that unborn babies have the right to life. Yes, many even deny that we have natural rights granted by our Creator, instead purporting to believe government should determine who has what rights.

Democratic operatives deny Republican observers entrance into ballot-counting areas, yet they deny there is anything nefarious going on in those places.

Democrats are not fond of our representative republic and would deny their political opponents equal access to the fruits of democracy.

 Yes, our democracy is potentially on the verge of extermination, but not at the hands of those Democrats would blame. It is not mega-MAGA folks—or even (former) President Trump himself-- that are existential threats to our democracy.

No, our democracy is potentially about to be ritually sacrificed on a funeral pyre so that Democratic-Socialists may stay in power forevermore.

On this Election Day, let’s deny them that opportunity.



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