Friday, November 4, 2022

Europeans To Freeze To Death This Winter? Americans Next?


The BBC, a publicly funded broadcaster implicitly entrusted with disseminating vital messages to the citizenry during times of national crisis, has allegedly already begun preparing emergency broadcasts designed to reassure the people of Britain should extensive winter blackouts be necessary in the coming months. These potential blackouts would inevitably cause disruptions to the Commonwealth’s banking systems, internet access, mobile phone networks, and traffic lights, among other things. And would, of course, cause significant hardship—or worse—for much of the populace.

Already, various media outlets are speculating about how many Europeans will freeze to death this coming winter. And how tragically ironic that this will, in large part, be because of a misguided attempt to stave off global warming?!

Eschewing fossil fuels and going green may lead to frostbite induced gangrene. Or death. But, to hell with oil and coal, to hell with fracking, say no to nuclear. Moreover, some elites say that the dearth of natural gas from Russia is a great opportunity to jumpstart the switch to renewable energy such as wind and solar power. (And butterfly farts, apparently. Or do those put more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? I forget.)

And the United States will follow suit, sooner rather than later, unless Democrats are soundly routed in the 2022 and 2024 elections. If that doesn’t happen, and the country “goes green,” the U.S. will have come full circle, from its rag-tag militia freezing at Valley Forge despite (General) Washington’s best efforts, to regular citizens freezing because of Washington’s policies nearly 250 years later.

Globalist elites appear intent on achieving population reduction-- a stated goal of the Great Reset-- at least in the Mild West. This is why they push for birth control, sterilization, abortion, assisted suicide, dangerous vaccine mandates that are almost certainly causing countless excess deaths, legalization of hallucinogenic drugs, defunding police, implementing policies that reward rather than punish crime, and gun-control. And soon, thousands may freeze to death because of green energy policies. (And, in the U.S., our open southern border has led to a staggering number of deaths due to fentanyl-- and other-- drug overdoses.)

This all ties together. We aren’t allowed to say, “all lives matter.” Why? Perhaps because those in positions of power don’t believe that they do. “Abortion is healthcare?” Sure, you bet. Say, a nuclear exchange or two might speed up the process, right?

If our leaders had any shame, they would be red-faced. And not from the cold.

Ponder this: hundreds or thousands may have to freeze to death in order to help slow global warming. Huh?! Could there be a sadder and more preposterous statement than that?


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