Thursday, November 3, 2022

Everything That Matters Is In Peril


The Democratic Party is no longer a place for a sane person, as Tulsi Gabbard recently proved. Democrats, from Biden and Obama on down, have often spoken in recent years about unity and bipartisanship. They have denounced “mean-spiritedness” and “the politics of personal destruction.”

And yet they now claim that:

If you believe skin color doesn’t matter, you are a racist.

 If you believe in the existence of two sexes and the sanctity of females, you are a bigot, and possibly a misogynist.

If you believe in protecting the lives of the unborn, you are against women’s health care—and probably a murderer. (Pro-abortion folks will vehemently inform you, “It’s my body, my choice, so don’t tell me what to do.”)

If, however, you decline to accept an unvetted experimental mRNA vaccine into your own body, you are no better than a mass murderer.

 If you believe in protecting gender-confused youngsters from being mutilated and sterilized, you are a monster.

If you are a parent involved in your kids’ lives and you want to make sure they get a good education, you are a domestic terrorist.

If you are concerned about drug and sex trafficking across our southern border, you are a xenophobe.

If you believe the climate has always been changing, often quickly and dramatically as historically evidenced by repeated ice ages and warming periods, and that man-caused global warming won’t lead to the incineration of the planet within the next 10-12 years, you are a “DENIER.”

If you don’t believe the 2020 presidential election was “the most secure in history,” and think that Trump might have actually won sans all the chicanery (which was proudly chronicled in a Time Magazine article), you are also a “DENIER.” In fact, you are a purveyor of “THE BIG LIE.”

If you don’t believe that Hillary won in 2016, however, and that the Russians clearly interfered in that election in favor of Trump, you are probably part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and the “basket of deplorables.”

If you didn’t vote for Obama, you are racist. If you didn’t vote for Hillary, you hate women. If you approve of Justice Thomas, you are racist. If you would vote for Kristi Noem or Kari Lake you hate women—or are stupid. Or both.

If you are a MAGA Republican, you are a “threat to our democracy.”

If you believe in the Bible, you are na├»ve and backward. If you believe in an unlimited number of genders and people’s ability to identify as the opposite sex—or a different species-- you are following “the science.”

If you can’t define what a woman is, but can give a detailed definition of “microaggressions,” you just might be okay.

 In sum, if you deign to tell the truth, you are guilty of spreading misinformation, lies, and fake news. (You see, they and only they get to have their “own truth.”)

So what?

If we wish to preserve some semblance of our freedoms, we must refuse to be gaslit. We must not be afraid to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous vitriol and projection. In fact, it should be a badge of honor to be disliked by liars, hypocrites and evildoers of such magnitude as are prominent in today’s Democratic Party…and other leftist enclaves.


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