Sunday, November 6, 2022

The "Big Lie," A Democratic Forte


I am sick and tired of Democrats and their lapdogs in the mainstream media incessantly talking about “Trump’s Big Lie.” Never forget, the Twin Pillars of Progressivism are Prevarication and Projection. Their talk of “The Big Lie” is itself “The Big Lie.” Claiming, as is their wont, that the 2020 presidential election was the fairest and most accurate in history should elicit hearty guffaws or projectile vomiting from any sentient being. The assertion is especially ironic coming from a party that contests nearly every election in which they don’t prevail. A historical primer:

In the election of 1876, a series of unusual events lead to Republican Rutherford B. Hayes being declared the victor, despite Democratic Governor Samuel Tilden of New York getting 250,000 more ballots in the popular vote and garnering 19 more electoral votes. What happened? Glad you asked. The Democrats threatened to filibuster in an attempt to block the official vote counting. (Democrats like and utilize the filibuster when it aids them, want to abolish it when it doesn’t.) The issue was finally settled via negotiations at Washington’s Wormley Hotel in February 1877. The Democrats agreed to accept Hayes’ victory, provided that Hayes remove all federal troops from the South, among various other conditions. This “compromise” consolidated Democratic control of the region, virtually ending Reconstruction-- and reversing the gains that African Americans had made during the post-Civil War era. (It’s amazing that Black folks ever forgave the party for this.)

In 2008, Democrat Al Franken, aka Stuart Smalley, was declared the winner over Republican Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race, only after demanding recount after recount, during which supposed “votes” were found in various unlikely places. Including car trunks, and, if memory serves, a vacuum cleaner. (I will never forget watching Coleman’s classy and magnanimous concession speech, delivered nearly half a year after the election. A speech which would never have been delivered by a modern-era Democrat.)

Democrat Stacey Abrams still purports to believe she won the 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial race. Abrams, who lost by more than 50,000 votes, once told Axios that she doesn't want the American people to be in a place "where we cannot legitimately question" and criticize voting systems in order to improve them. Try to “legitimately question” the 2020 presidential election and you will be kicked off social media, labeled a “denier,” otherwise ostracized, cancelled, and labeled in need of psychiatric attention.

Democrats were sure the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were stolen from them by way of Republican shenanigans. And they spent years telling us all that Trump stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton with the aid of those damn Russians. Corruption was rampant, election integrity nonexistent. There was no other way Trump could have beaten Hillary, you see.

Yet, they boldly assert that the 2020 presidential election was accurate almost to the individual bleeping vote. That Biden received precisely 81,283,361 votes, as opposed to the 74,222,960 that Trump received. Democrats will swear on a stack of Bibles Rules for Radicals that Biden received precisely 81,283,361 votes, not 81,283,360, and that Trump got 74,222,960, not 74,222,961 or more. Amazing.

So, despite their past assertions, they still aver the 2020 presidential election was somehow the most secure and accurate, virtually perfect-- beatific even-- election in the history of the planet. For one brief shining moment, everyone…to a person….acted with character, intelligence, competence and unbiased purity (other than those nefarious Republicans, of course) so that the final ballot counts could not have been off by even one single solitary vote, regardless of ubiquitous evidence otherwise.

Even more incredibly, some Democrats now say they are terribly worried that Republicans will steal the 2022 midterm elections. And noted truth-teller Hillary Clinton, who told Biden he should simply refuse to concede if he was beaten in 2020, has flat out assured us that Trump has already figured out how to game the system to win in 2024!

Are they insane? Probably not, but anyone who believes them may be. They know that projection and gaslighting are all they have, so they use them ad nauseum.



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