Sunday, November 13, 2022

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Says Press Failing Americans By Treating Both Parties Equally


History professor Robert S. McElvaine recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times in which he stated that journalists are "failing Americans" by insisting on treating both political parties equally. Yes, as we know, there is nothing more dangerous to a representative republic than a free and objective press.

McElvaine claimed that the United States is in “the final stages of the most critical election for the survival of the American experiment since 1864," and added that journalists bear responsibility for protecting America’s future from "right-wing" extremists.

He wrote: "America’s future hangs on the defeat of the right-wing extremist authoritarians who have seized the name of Lincoln’s party. If we lose, news corporations and journalists with a misplaced sense of ‘balance,’ ‘neutrality’ and ‘nonpartisanship’ will bear a considerable share of the blame.” Down with balance, neutrality, and nonpartisanship! Screw objectivity! To hell with equal treatment, justice, fairness, equality, and equity when it comes to “journalists’” duty to the people! The people don’t know how to think, so the media must tell them what to think…or democracy is doomed! Mass indoctrination is the last, best hope for democracy!

McElvaine further ostracized reporters for not adequately attacking conservatives for pushing ideas that are "increasingly reminiscent" of Hitler’s rise to power. Um, “professor,” if anyone is implicitly threatening to round their political opponents up and send them to prison or concentration/labor/re-education camps, it’s far left Democrats. In fact, they’ve already done that.

Yet the Nutty Professor soldiered on, saying: "In the final days of this election season, Americans must recognize that the existential struggle we are engaged in now is not just a game. If the enemies of democracy prevail and take control of either house of Congress in the midterms, there will be no ‘wait till next year.’ They would probably refuse to accept the election of a Democratic president in 2024. The game would be over, if not permanently, at least for many years.” Projection! Democrats refused to accept the election of a Republican president in 2000 and in 2016.

Bizarrely, McElvaine’s op-ed appeared very shortly after a study by the Media Research Center found Republicans overwhelmingly received more negative coverage from the press than Democratic candidates did in the months leading up to the midterm elections.

Democrats have spent much of the past few weeks telling us all that democracy will die unless we vote as they tell us to. Oddly, they suddenly now believe there are objective truths. Two of them, in fact. One, that MAGA Republicans are evil. And, two, that the rest of us are too stupid to realize this if the news media’s reports were unbiased.

We get to pick “our truth” when it comes to, say, what sex or gender we claim to be. But not if we believe it’s problematic to allow an experimental mRNA vaccine/gene therapy into our body—or if we believe voting for Republicans is in the best interests of ourselves and our nation. I mean the “my truth” thing can only go so far, right? 

Anybody else see a problem with this? McElvaine’s op-ed is advocating for outright discrimination against one of the two major political parties—including its adherents who comprise nearly half of the electorate—in the interests of democracy!

The vast majority of so-called journalists, like the vast majority of so-called professors, are “failing Americans” by trying to convince them that they give a rat’s ass about democracy…when all they really care about is their own primacy.



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