Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Even Math Classes Now Indoctrination


There is no doubt that school isn’t what it used to be. Nor is there any doubt that many of today’s teachers are, frankly, perverts. Recent examples are legion. Incredibly, even “STEM” classes (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) have been infected by wokeness, CRT (Critical Race Theory), LGBTQ worship, and a Marxist-Socialist ideology.

Even sadder, this agenda has been thrust upon younger and younger students until it now permeates every level of “education” including elementary schools. As a case in point, one school district recently had some of its students take a “math” quiz with truly bizarre multiple-choice questions.

In the context of asking students to solve a simple algebraic equation for x and y, one question from the “Person Puzzle” quiz-sheet asked if Nobel Laureate poet Maya Angelou was “sexually abused by her mother’s”……“boyfriend,” “brother” or “father.” Another question asked whether the writer worked as a “pimp, prostitute and”……“Bookie,” “Drug Dealer” or “Night Club Dancer”…… to “support her son as a single mother.”

Drag queen story hours for kids as young as two-years-old are now de rigueur. “After school Satan clubs” are popping up around the ever more fruited plain. And non-binary witches are bragging about what ideology and sexual licentiousness they foist on their young charges. It appears many teachers now wish to be “educators” simply to fulfill their pedophiliac urges.

Ergo, we have “math” questions like these:

1)               3X²=12    Solve for X

Joy was feeling sad one day after they saw on the news that Donald Trump might run for president again, even though he was soundly—and legitimately-- defeated in the last election. They started feeling better, however, when they realized that they had_____________________________.

a)     2  (a penis)

b)    2 (boobs)

c)    2 (masturbated)

d)    2  (LGBTQ PRIDE!)

e)    All of the above


2)               Karen has two dildos. Betty has three dildos. Sally has one dildo and three vibrators. If they put them all together and decided to share them all equally (equity is beautiful!), how many of each self-pleasuring aide (self-pleasuring is beautiful!) would each of them have? Choose all that apply.

a)      Each of the three girls would have one dildo and one vibrator

b)      Each of the three girls would have two dildos and two vibrators

c)      Each of the three girls would have two dildos and one vibrator

d)      Each of the three girls would have three dildos and three vibrators

e)      Each of the three girls would be equally satisfied so it really doesn’t matter


3)               Select the best definition of the term “sum”:

a)  The total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers or quantities

b)  Math is racist

c)  White people are racist

d)  Everything is racist

e)  b, c, and d

It is high time we teach the “educators” a lesson. Indoctrination of this sort is not instruction. It is not teaching. It is mental tyranny and child abuse. And something we will not abide. Their hubris is not acceptable. We pay for the salaries of teachers in the vast public school system with our taxes. They should-- quite literally-- be indebted to us. They should not be attempting to brainwash our children.





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