Sunday, June 27, 2021

Drag Queen Story Hour For Babies?


Drag queen story hours have become as ubiquitous as Pride Month advertisements from major corporations. In recent years, the DQs have been targeting younger and younger audiences. It seems that nary a kindergarten or Sunday school class has been able to resist the amorphous charms of men dressed as women reading from barely disguised hymnals of transexual and homosexual hype.

This trend recently reached a new zenith when a Virginia library invited preschoolers, toddlers and babies to a drag queen story hour to Celebrate Pride! Month. Your four-month-old can’t understand language yet? No problem! Before he/she/xie/they can say “mommy/daddy/parental unit/menstruator,” we can make sure he/she/xie/they have the tools to avoid being sucked into the pernicious trap the white supremacist patriarchy has set for him/her/xie/they.

But why wait until kids are actually born to indoctrinate them into the cult of non-binary pangenderism? Why not have a drag queen story hour for the pre-born? Get to them in the womb before they are so arbitrarily assigned a gender at birth! Prenatal drag queen story hours should be a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want their fetus to be fabulous! Even if they choose to abort it after the story hour.


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