Friday, April 15, 2022

U.S. Marines, Army Lowering Standards In Favor Of "Wokeness"


Various branches of the U.S. military, long steeped in tradition, are now making changes…to accommodate wokeness.

For example, the U.S. Marine Corps is altering its uniform regulations. The erstwhile “Leathernecks” are introducing new maternity clothes for pregnant Marines. Other changes include an allowance of increased hair length, the edging up of one's hairline, and additional manicure options for female Marines. I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising since even the Navy SEALS have gone woke.

1st Lt. Phillip Parker, a spokesman for the Marine Corps Training and Education Command, recently told the Marine Corps Times the changes are intended to help "positively impact diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Inclusion? In the Marines? Is this a good idea? Would femininity have aided the Devil Dogs on Bataan or Corregidor in WWII? Should people of all genders, ages and physical fitness levels be welcomed into the Corp? Should diversity, equity and inclusion trump combat readiness and effectiveness and the ability to protect and aide your fellow marine —and, if necessary—carry him off the battlefield…dead or alive?

Not to be outdone, the U.S. Army has made significant changes to its fitness program. The six-event Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) will no longer be meant to prepare soldiers for combat, but instead will simply serve as a general fitness assessment. It will also have different scoring standards for men and women across different age groups. Most of the standards will be lowered, of course, after a congressionally mandated report from Rand Corp found that nearly half of the service’s women could not pass earlier standards for the test.

I’m not certain that lowering standards to make it easier for “menstruators” and “birthing people” to serve is a good idea. But it is abundantly clear that the Biden administration is rapidly purging the military of “toxic masculinity,” and is hell-bent on ridding it of competence, as well.

Startling changes such as these make one wonder what is next, and just how far down the woke road the U.S. military will travel before the wheels and tracks fall off.

The way things are going, my guess is that, in 2030, the Army will update and revamp its ACFT again. This time, it will announce that it will thereafter be pared down to a three-event evaluation comprised of tag, hopscotch and Simon Says. (It will soon become known that dodgeball was to be one of the three events but was ultimately deemed “too dangerous.”)

The U.S. Air Force will subsequently announce that its training regimen will consist of Hide and Seek, Duck, Duck, Goose and Mother May I. This, in turn, will prompt the Marines to state that they are going with line dancing, ladder ball and Yahtzee for their conditioning program.  

Finally, in a stirring show of diversity, equity and inclusion, all branches of the military will announce that their service members may choose to wear rainbow, lesbian or transgender pride flag pins on their uniforms in place of the traditional unit pins or pins of the American flag. Now that’s cohesiveness. Bring on China.



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