Saturday, April 16, 2022

Ideological Intolerance Invading Science Classrooms


Students are increasingly displaying “ideological intolerance in the science classroom,” according to Williams College Associate Professor of Biology Luana Maroja. Or so reports The College Fix. Maroja wrote about the trend in a recent piece for Heterodox STEM, a new Substack for science scholars to weigh in on issues pertaining to science and society.

One example she cited was “a marked increase in students asking for ‘trigger-warnings’ for ‘offensive content.’” Such as the use of the word “dyke” in geology, not as a derogatory reference to lesbians, but as a technical term. Geologically speaking, “Dyke” is a layer of rock cutting into another layer. (Another definition of “Dyke” is: a wall to prevent flooding. Surely this, too, would be traumatizing to many of today’s young scholars.)

Maroja also noted that “some students in physiology refused to use the word ‘woman’ and instead used ‘person with a uterus.'”

If we can separate “woman” from “person with a uterus” because “woman” is not welcoming enough or inclusive enough, then why not do the same with cars and…everything else. “Car” could become “vehicle with 4 tires and an engine.”

“Table” would instead be referred to as a “flat surface atop 4 legs.”

“Zebra” would instead be “mammal with stripes.”

What is the point of this?

Maroja says students have also informed her that “IQ tests were invented to ostracize and marginalize minority groups.” Yes, that is why they were invented. And the A-F grading system was invented to punish minorities, too. As was the pop quiz, chapter test, and performance review. And literally everything else ever invented or employed to measure intelligence, competence, effectiveness, success, grasp of subject matter, standards of behavior, etc., etc. What does it tell you about leftists/progressives that they don’t believe certain minorities are capable of being…capable? Or reasonable?

Professor Maroja also said that students “feel uncomfortable discussing kin selection, or the idea that when individuals take actions for the benefit of their offspring and siblings they indirectly perpetuate their own genes.” Why? They think it is a “problematic concept” because Donald Trump hired his own daughter. Really.

And about Joe and Hunter Biden? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

It is very likely true that students are increasingly displaying “ideological intolerance in the science classroom.” And everywhere else, for that matter.

And the same can be said of scientists. And professors, teachers, actors, “journalists,” Big Tech titans, CEOs of multi-national corporations……



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