Wednesday, April 13, 2022

England NHS-Funded Clinic Promotes Transgender Prostitution


One of England’s National Health Service-funded clinics is promoting prostitution as a way for transgender people to pay for their transition treatments. That’s a great use of taxpayer’s money! The NHS and some in the LGBTQ community may think this is a capital idea, or even a “twofer.” In truth, however, it is using other people’s hard-earned tax dollars to promote an amoral way to earn money for the desecration of one’s body, which is an affront to God.

There is nothing healthy about that. Will Jolly Olde England’s NHS soon recommend that folks start selling illicit drugs as a way to pay for their stays in substance abuse rehabilitation clinics? Or try their hand at a roulette table and put everything on “red” in hopes of paying off their gambling debt? Perhaps the NHS would suggest people pay their parking tickets with money obtained by robbing a bank?

The Ten Commandments have long since been banished from the public square. The Golden Rule is no more. Common sense has fled the coop along with any notion of shame or dignity. Not so long ago, the conventional wisdom was to “treat your body like a temple.” Today, wisdom is almost extinct. (Must be the result of “climate change.”)  So, people are encouraged to treat their bodies like a Mr. Potato Head, adding and removing parts as they see fit.

Insanity rushes in to fill the void where wisdom once resided. A belief in…anything else…replaces a belief in a higher power. Too many of us second-guess God, but not mortal “experts” like Dr. Fauci or “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” That just might be one reason why, despite countless medical and technological breakthroughs, life spans and mental health are both declining.


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