Thursday, April 21, 2022

Teacher Tells Young Students Doctors "Guess" Whether Babies Are Boys Or Girls At Birth


A transgender teacher (there seems to be a lot of those lately) named Ray Skyer recently posted a Facebook video showing the “Identity Share” Zoom session with elementary-school-aged students from Brooke Roslindale, a charter public school south of Boston. The non-binary educator first told the kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders in his/her/they charge “something that’s really cool and unique about me is that I am transgender.” We’re happy for you. By way of explanation, he/she/they went on to assert that when babies are born the doctor looks at them and makes a “guess” about “whether the baby is a boy or a girl based on what they look like.” After noting that the doctor usually “guesses” correctly, the teacher stated that “Sometimes the doctor is wrong, the doctor makes an incorrect guess,” adding, “When the doctor guesses wrong” the babies “are transgender.”

Yes, and when dogs, horses, dolphins, rhinoceroses, elephants, giraffes and zebras are born, we make a wild “guess” as to what species they are based on what they look like. But sometimes we are wrong. Well, maybe not. Turns out, visible external clues actually can help us determine what someone or something is.

For example, we don’t say, “When cars are made, manufacturers and dealerships guess what they are, but sometimes they guess wrong.”

Or, “I think this might be a flathead screwdriver. I sure hope it fits into what I believe to be this slotted screw.”

Most “birthing people” know what their baby’s gender is long before he or she is even born, through the wonder of ultrasound. Perhaps Ray Skyer has heard of it. For many years couples-- or their families and friends—have shared their joy at the birth of a child by communicating “It’s A Girl!” or “It’s A Boy!” via balloons, banners, cigar wrappers, or social media posts. Rarely have I seen one of these proclaiming, “It’s A Girl…We Are Guessing!” or “It’s A Boy…We think!”

It is deeply disturbing that so many teachers today feel the need to tell their elementary age students how special they-- the teachers-- are for being transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, fill-in-the-blank. Deliberately confusing them at this vulnerable time in their young lives should be a criminal offense. Their incessant virtue-signaling of their non-virtues in front of impressionable kids makes my stomach turn.

“Don’t conflate our desire to identify as whatever gender we wish to be with identifying other species or things! It’s different!” they may exclaim.

Sorry, instructors, you cannot just choose whatever gender, race, or species you wish to be.  And, if you don’t believe that the parts of which you are composed should have anything to do with how you are characterized or identified, you are anti-science. And insane.

And that’s not a guess.

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