Monday, April 11, 2022

Sexual Assault Now Sanctioned In Our Schools


Teachers and administrators at New Jersey’s Pearl R. Miller Middle School forced students to watch a video about a transgender man’s hormone treatment without notifying the student’s parents. The video, “Ten Years on Testosterone,” was part of a social studies class and detailed the transition of an LGBTQ activist.

The garden State will put in place “updated” health standards this September, guidelines that were approved by the governor-appointed New Jersey Board of Education in 2020. The new “standards” mandate teaching second-graders about genitalia, reproduction, and “gender expression.” Fifth-graders will be required to define masturbation. Eighth-graders will have to define gender identity, gender expression, vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex. (“Damn, I can’t believe I got the question about anal sex wrong, dude. Guess I should’ve studied harder.”)

Naturally, Planned Parenthood praised the state’s plan, noting that it aligns with the similarly updated National Sex Education Standards.

Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast we find that a packet distributed by the California Teachers Association discusses the formation of gay and transgender clubs in schools. The packet contains an almost overwhelming array of disturbing content and recommendations. One section encourages elementary school teachers to proactively recruit students to be leaders of these clubs-- and provides room for teachers to list the names of the students they think would be interested. The packet also asks teachers to list supporters and enemies of these clubs. And to make a list of those who could be a “barrier to your success.” Why? Chilling.

The packet’s suggested activities section is particularly troubling. For example, it recommends that teachers identify their students’ Kinsey Scale rating, a tool used to determine their level of homosexuality based on their answers to questions about their sexual desires and interests. It is often referred to as the “Am I gay? Test.” That doesn’t seem intrusive or inappropriate at all! The Kinsey Scale is also frequently used to analyze sexual perversions and asks participants to describe their feelings and emotions about things like sexual fantasies.

But that’s not all! The packet also helpfully contains a recommended YouTube videos list, containing 52 fun and educational titles to titillate traumatize confuse edify the kiddies. Such magnificent short films as “Drag as a Tool for Self-Advocacy,” “Queer Black Cosplay,” “Coming out GAY to my 5-year-old brother,” “Everyone is Gay,” and “The Importance of Being Cliterate” populate the list.

Don’t tell me that kids don’t learn anything in public schools anymore! Sure, it may not be reading, writing and arithmetic. Or history, physics, chemistry, the classics, philosophy, economics, etc. But our youngsters do learn about pansexuality, anal sex, the limitless number of genders, and queer Black cosplay! Who wouldn’t take that trade-off any old day?

So you can look forward to your child coming home from school one day soon to inform you that his/her/they teacher told him/her/they that him/her/they are gay. Him/her/they may even be asked to lead a gay and transgender student club, but, if so, him/her/they may not tell you much about it, because, apparently, California Teacher Association best practice dictates that “what happens in the student club, stays in the club.”

Let’s be honest: what is happening in our public schools is an assault on children, dignity, and morality. It is inarguably indoctrination, not education. And teachers and administrators are behind it all. In fact, the CTA packet reveals that teachers are (partially) funding the gay and transgender clubs and asks teachers how much of their money they are “willing to put into this project.”

Sickeningly, school officials are using students as pawns, pre-teen purveyors of propaganda in an attempt to brainwash their peers into thinking—and acting— in certain ways.

Forget the “pandemic,” we are experiencing an epidemic of violence, homelessness, hopelessness, substance abuse, child abuse, and insanity. According to “progressives,” God is dead, and the United States was founded by racist bigots. The science is settled.

Think there might be a connection?

Taxpayer-funded educators can teach our elementary school kids about pansexuality—or tell them they are gay—yet could be charged with a hate crime for sharing a Bible verse on Facebook.   

What is the best way forward? How do we regain what we have lost? How do we recapture our dignity, raison d'ĂȘtre…and hope?

Do we repeatedly just say “Gay, gay, gay, gay” or do we humbly bow our heads and pray…pray, pray, pray?



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