Monday, April 4, 2022

The NFL Goes Even Woker


National Football League owners recently approved a new mandate requiring every NFL team to hire one minority offensive assistant coach. The mandatory hire will be in effect for the upcoming 2022 season and can be a female or a member of an ethnic or racial minority.

A statement obtained by United Press International noted that each of the soon-to-be-hired coaches will receive a one-year contract and will “work closely with the head coach and offensive staff to gain experience.” Teams will reportedly be reimbursed for the female and/or minority coaching hires through a league-wide fund that will go toward their salaries.   

The goal of the new policy is to increase the number of minorities in the pool of offensive coaches, since they are typically the most sought-after head coaching candidates. This edict is, of course, part of the league's ever-increasing efforts to embrace and foster “diversity, equity and inclusion.”  

Which got me to thinking: will every NFL offense be required to have at least one woman or transgender on it? Every offensive line? Will every team soon be required to have at least one bisexual and Jewish person on its defensive coaching staff? A Mormon on its special teams? A Pisces in its marketing department? A minimum of two vegans and one Two-Spirited individual in its scouting department? Where does this end?

Actually, that was a rhetorical question. We all know where this ends. With an openly conservative coach getting disciplined or fired. And with a ban on the hiring of MAGA supporters, Trump voters, and DeSantis lovers. Because “diversity, equity and inclusion” only goes so far. It’s imperative when talking about things like sexual orientation or identity, but is utterly inapplicable and meaningless as regards to political orientation and independence of thought.

The NFL, like almost every other entity in America, has gone woke.

Putting the best and most competitive team on the field no longer takes priority. Neither does winning football games. What matters most is appeasing the small but vociferous woke mob.



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