Saturday, November 14, 2020

Immorality And The Left


Walls are immoral. (Though they protect the innocent). Guns are immoral. (Though they protect the innocent, and level the playing field for women, the elderly and the infirm). Free speech is immoral. (Though it is the hallmark of a successful, tolerant, modern society). Sugar is immoral. Meat is murder…though abortion is “healthcare.” “Mis-gendering” someone is a crime but killing a cop in cold blood is an understandable reaction to a racist society. Radical Islamic terror is ‘workplace violence’ or is committed by a party or parties that have been marginalized by Western nations, the threat of which is entirely overblown, while the omni-presence of radical, right-wing, white supremacist groups is an existential threat to all minorities and the Republic as a whole. Having drag-queens parade around in grade-school classrooms in front of little kids in obvious attempts at indoctrination into the LGBTQ lifestyle is a healthy sign of diversity and is enlightening and protected by the Constitution, while pastors who recite passages from the Bible are threatened and silenced for their “hate speech.”

              On and on and on it goes. Where it stops, every rational being should know.

              To the left, the only thing that isn’t immoral is immorality.

              “Go to hell, you say?” We are already on our way.

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