Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Poll Claims 25% Of Women Can't Locate Their Vagina


             A new survey conducted by OnePoll purports to show that one in four American women do not know where their vagina is. I, for one, find it hard to believe that more men than women know the whereabouts of a women’s vagina, yet I can guarantee you that over 75% of men can pick out a vagina from the sundry other parts of a women’s body. Which is a good thing for the continuation of the species, I guess.

            Intimina, a Swedish women’s health company, commissioned the survey of 2,000 women. An Intimina spokesperson said the company hoped to reveal a glaring gap in American education, a strange goal to have, unless they intended to profit from the alleged ignorance.

            The poll also supposedly found that 46% of the women could not locate their own cervix, while 56% pointed to a different body part when prompted to identify their uterus. Only one in 10 women were able to name all the parts shown on a female reproductive diagram.

(I have a disturbing vision in my mind of Intimina employees and pollsters in a lab room next to a life-size replica of a female body, survey respondents in front of them. A pollster asks the women to identify the replica’s uterus and one woman dutifully opens the replica’s mouth and points to her tonsils. Another points to its earlobe. Yet another touches its knee.)

Danela ┼Żagar, Intimina’s global brand manager, said the findings show that “we need to keep educating the public about how the reproductive system, its monthly processes and hormonal changes can impact a woman’s life.” Ask any husband and he’ll tell you how it impact’s his life, of that I’m certain.

Furthermore, I guarantee you 100% of males know where their penis is, even though I doubt that they are otherwise more in touch with their bodies than females.  This poll finding is either utterly bogus or it goes a long way towards explaining why women tend to vote for Democrats like Joe Biden in such high numbers. Some of those polled may think Biden is their vagina. And vice-versa. In any case, Joe could probably help sniff it out for the low-information ladies.

Let’s not even talk about Hunter.


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