Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Coup


When a democratically elected government is overthrown in a semi-violent coup, that nation’s citizens are overthrown, as well. The plotters of this putsch, the media and academia, are far worse than the Marxist agitators who perpetrated the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. In this case, the will of the people was arbitrarily overturned, 70-plus million votes were nullified, and the rule of law was trampled.

              Sixty years into the “glorious worker’s paradise,” comrades in the USSR were still obligated to stand in long lines in order to purchase some bread and toilet paper, while hoping there might be a fresh vegetable or piece of fruit- or, could it be?- a little decent meat available that week, as well. Planned, state-controlled, command economies always end in deprivation or starvation. Period.  See Venezuela. Cuba. Etc.

              It’s not going to work out any better for us here in the U.S.

As in the Soviet Union, only leftist, statist political participants are now allowed in the formerly United States of America. People are told what they can say and think, and where they can say and think it. They have been beaten and cowed and have ceded control to their politically-correct masters. People in the U.S. have never agreed about everything, of course, and sometimes disagreed about a great deal. But, what nearly everyone did agree on, and the reason many came- and stayed- in the United States is the reason we were united in the first place. It was an unshakeable belief in the Founder’s vision, in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The First and Second Amendments, in particular, guaranteed a generally virtuous people protection from a large, capricious and despotic government. 

              This ongoing coup is not a true revolution. It is a vast collection of entitled, empowered, narrow-focused special-interest groups demanding the reins of power, everything- and everyone- else be damned.

              It is, in fact, a reversal- a repeal- of the American Revolution. 

              Old Glory is coming down. Freak flags and Red Banners are rising.


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